The problem

Researchers need an effective method to test autonomous driving in connected urban environments.


Validation & testing processes for connected autonomous vehicles have high costs

Innacurate Modeling

Computer simulations are developed & uncertainties like sensor noise simulated externally

Human & Hardware Capital

A large team has to be deployed for development on road-vehicles with dedicated hardware infrastructure

External Input & Sensing

Lacks real life uncertainty when driving and developing scenarios such as road slippage


Infrastructure development is extremely expensive and unsafe

Research Inefficiency

Iterating algorithms for on-road vehicle testing is highly time-consuming and non-modular

The solution

Develop a scaled, smart city and scaled autonomy-capable vehicles with a data acquisition platform.

Scaled transportation ecosystem

A deeper look at our scaled solutions for autonomous urban transportation research.

Our Team

We are 4B Mechatronics Engineering students looking to accelerate society towards a more and better connected future.

Darshil Parikh

Software Engineer

Jack Duan

Mechanical Engineer

Asad Bhatti

Project Manager

Bhavishey Thapar

Hardware Engineer

Arvind Chandrashekar

Software Engineer


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